We are Techreative

A Melbourne based MSP specializing in filling the Niche that other big MSP’s can’t provide. We deliver Tech solutions on a personal level to all ofour clients no matter the size.

About Us

From its birth in 2018 Techreative has worked closely with its clients delivering affordable, efficient and future proof solutions with a focus on cloud based technologies. Primarily working with Non-Profits, Start-ups and Small Businesses that large MSP’s often overlook, we produced specialized API and App development projects, deliver personal service support and Strategic Consulting with Tech at the forefront of all our Sectors.

Our Services

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Service Support

Utilising Cloud based Technology we harness the flexibility and mobility of Azure and AWS platforms to provided affordable and scalable services. We know all our clients by name and deliver Big Business idea’s with a personal and methodical approach.

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Strategic Consulting

Ben Slocombe’s mechatronic engineering background provides an out of the box approach to utilising technology to benefit the needs of companies trying to cut back costs and run more efficiently.  Taking Business’s short comings and overcoming them with a breadth of knowledge and experience across a number of fields and sectors. 

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API/App Development

Techreative create custom apps and API’s that fill the gaps in between existing systems. Creating specialised apps for a range of services from Bridal arrangements to Traffic Management.  We solve Business’s problems utilising API’s and a technological approach to stimulate innovation and growth.

Our Clients

Our Projects

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DPC Cloud Migration

Docklands Private Collection had a fire meaning their whole Server was physically wiped on  a Sunday. Techreative were able to arrive on site and migrate the system from its backup into a cloud environment with no downtime to the business. Taking full advantage of this we proposed a project to upgrade the dated workstation and move into a complete Azure Based Network.

Working closely with the team at LSV we produce a range of different API’s and Services that LSV use for their Life Saving Clubs across the company. Utilising the data across multiple systems Techreative helps bridge the gaps in between these to create effective technological solutions.

Life Saving Victoria API's

4Brides MarketPlace


 4Brides gave us a project proposal to create a single site were everything wedding related could be booked from Photographers, Make up Artists, Caterers or DJ’s. Harvesting multiple points of data we are able to collate and display the information in a easy to navigate and use interface.

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